Knowledge is Beautiful Knowledge is Beautiful
Islamic Sects Islamic Sects
The Antibiotic Abacus The Antibiotic Abacus
Timeline of the Far Future Timeline of the Far Future
Codebases Codebases
Good Relationtips Good Relationtips
Snake Oil Superfoods? Snake Oil Superfoods?
Influ-Venn-Za Influ-Venn-Za
How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…? How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…?
20th Century Death 20th Century Death
World’s Biggest Data Breaches World’s Biggest Data Breaches
Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2013 Interactive Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2013 Interactive
Being Defensive Being Defensive
Rhetological Fallacies Rhetological Fallacies
FT Projection-Map Grand Central FT Projection-Map Grand Central
Mountains out of Molehills Mountains out of Molehills
Exoplanets (Wired) Exoplanets (Wired)
“Natural Gas” for GE “Natural Gas” for GE
Information is Beautiful Information is Beautiful
The Visual Miscellaneum The Visual Miscellaneum
La Informacion es Bella La Informacion es Bella
Datavision Datavision
Horoscoped Horoscoped
Which Fish are Okay to Eat? Which Fish are Okay to Eat?
Hierarchy of Digital Distractions Hierarchy of Digital Distractions
Snake Oil? Snake Oil?
Wellcome Trust High Society Wellcome Trust High Society
Wired Bloodtest Redesign Wired Bloodtest Redesign
Colours in Culture Colours in Culture
The Billion Pound-O-Gram The Billion Pound-O-Gram
Tate Britain Migrations Tate Britain Migrations
The Sunscreen Smokescreen The Sunscreen Smokescreen
Left vs Right Left vs Right